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Creating Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

Everyone knows about the importance of having a presence on the amazingly successful microblog, Twitter. If ever there was a site that provides for the blasting of social signals it is this one. The numbers, of course are overwhelming. Twitter has over 500 million Users worldwide, the vast majority of whom visit a page at least every other day, and all sorts of discplines are represented – indeed news organizations, celebrities, athletes, corporations, politicians, even schools charitable groups and even friends and family are all active users of Twitter. It is remarkable how much people enjoy communicating on this maximum 140 character microblog. What makes all of this an effective means of communication is Twitter Followers. These people are the ones who get the tweets sent by the Twitter account owner. In truth, they are the audience. The intriguing angle is that these followers can in turn retweet the messages they receive from the Twitter account owner to their own followers which can multiply the impact of any given message – so no wonder some companies and individuals buy followers anything to try to grow the audience (and everyone loves an audience).

Twitter messages – tweets – are readily viewable to the followers on Twitter thus making this a potentially instataneous form of communication. People use this as not only a way to get an important or time is of the essence communique to the interested parties. News outlets are particularly enamored of Twitter (although they are not alone from that perspective – many like to think that their followers need to hear from them all the time – unfortunately for them, academic studies have shown that excessive tweeting actually causes a loss in Twitter Followers – not the sought after increase. Of course this isn’t lost on advertisers either. Marketing, in all of its various forms is rampant on Twitter. Indeed it is a sensible use of the social network platform for those pitching various services or products or even ideas! After all, the so-called audience (the followers) have already been sold to some degree as they have agreed to receive the messages from the sender by signing up as a follower in the first place.

And that is what Twitter account holders are always seeking – organic followers who want to receive their messages. These people often are awaiting the next Tweet with bated breath and get excited when they receive one. If they like it they retweet it – there is a prestige element to retweeting (“look, I’m in the know and now I’m showing you”).

Want to create this for yourself? The first step, as we have made clear, is to get Twitter Followers. This requires a strategy on how you will get and grow followers organically. Use friends, customers and co-workers as a start. Encourage them to retweet your best tweets. It probably makes sense to cooperate with them when you create your first few tweets so they agree they are worthy of retweeting. Retweet often leads to new followers (if your original Tweet is any good) as people will want to “be in the know” as well. Yes, as mentioned above, you can buy twitter followers in the marketplace as well, but some consider that in poor taste or cheating the system.

If you want to grow your following you need to keep your existing group of followers with you and interested and get them to retweet often. This is all straight forward marketing concepts that you must apply as you are developing your Twitter persona and following.

The video below helps with this issue of marketing on Twitter and provides some interesting insights on the subject.

Recently Twitter added a number of options for its profiles – there used to be only one option! This gives the account owner much more flexibility in making their page interesting and engaging. Allows for more of one’s personality, or at least the personality of the Twitter persona, to be expressed. It is recommended that this be utilized right away – indeed if you are already on Twitter and using the old (and tired) profile, change it right away! Trust us when we say that this will attract more followers and help retain the ones you currently have.

As everyone knows, Twitter is not the only social network that has followers – one of the fastest growing social media sites, Instagram, is also built on the concept of having followers.

The Elements of Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the publically held social networking giant, Facebook, has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Instagram is, of course, the leading image sharing site on the internet. It is a mobile based site that has had success with all sorts of demographic groups, but has really been a hot item with teenagers. Indeed, this seemingly young and hip site is the fastest growing site among the teenage demographic – often and widely considered the most attractive demographic out there. Makes it an exciting place to be and makes buying instagram followers that much more of an attractive idea to many. Finding a way to stand out on this very competitive social platform is difficult and that is why some take to finding ways to buy IG followers to get that popularity boost. The younger people are so accustom to being able to take photos on their smartphones and immediately upload them to sites like Instagram (actually, it is mostly Instagram they upload to) and sharing with their friends and family. Of course, it is not just teenagers who do the uploading. Corporations and entities of all types are drawn to this mobile centric site because of its actively engaged audience.

The typical Instagram user shares their activities by uploading images often taken on their mobile devices such as their smartphones or tablets. Instagram has enable these images to be filtered through varies means and are all cropped square in keeping with the old Instamatic camera’s from Polaroid where Instagram gets its name. The filters work well and give a sort of professional crispness look. And, in keeping with its parent company, Instagram users can “like” each others images. This goes well with using the option to buy Instagram Followers fast Having lots of followers and photo likes are a sign of success on Instagram.

This video shows how and why Instagram is so important.

By developing interesting photos that evoke some sort of response from the viewer, you will get likes and followers on Instagram. It can be a long process to get the followers to the level you want, but it is worth it in the long run as the activity on the page will grow immensely and draw you in even further helping you to produce even better images. This is the key element in being a succes on Instagram.

Of course where likes are of the utmost importance is quite obviously, Facebook.

Facebook Likes Creation

Facebook Likes Creation on your Fan Page

The behemouth of all the social networks is Facebook. There is no bigger or more active social media site in existance. The number of users surpasses the 1 billion mark and the user-base is extraordinarily active. And its reach is global and there isn’t a single demographic group in the world that doesn’t have a presence on Facebook. And to many its seems as if all of these Facebook users are trying to get us to “like their page on Facebook.” There is entire marketplace on the internet devoted solely to allowing people and businesses to buy facebook likes for fan page. Just shows how important people view Facebook and having likes on the Fan Page.

Facebook, with its varied and global demographics, has become a marketplace of things and ideas all onto itself. It is like a community. And there are advertisers everywhere – that’s how Facebook, now a public owned company which must satisfy the earnings growth demands of its shareholders, makes its money. Every product or service you can think of is available and vibrant on Facebook. And Facebook makes it easy to find them and makes it easy for them to find you. Facebook loves to garner information about its Users – and then create metrics for its advertisers to help them target their ads. Targeted ads is what companies are willing to pay the most for, and there are probably no better businesses than Facebook in helping advertisers find the proper targets for their ads. That’s why they make so much money for their shareholders. And the number one thing that Facebook sells is ads for individuals and businesses to get more likes. Of course, you can buy facebook fans on sites such as that one.

This is all accomplished using the latest and greatest Facebook interface which provides real-time demographics on Facebook Users that is available literally with the touch of a computer key (or at least a few keystrokes). The insights area of Facebook allows people to see where their likes are found by location. It is just amazing what Facebook’s analytics can share about you with its advertisers (and that is a collective you – all Users is to whom we are referring).

To help one pursue more Facebook likes for your fan page, Facebook will provide real time demographic information in great detail. You can find location (including all countries), gender, age and even interests. This is a well tuned marketing effort and an incredible means of finding information about the habits of people. Interesting that so much effort and expense and use of brilliant talent is spent in the creation of ways to advertise on facebook to get more likes!

Here is a video on the topic on how to read the insights reports on Facebook as it relates to the ever important likes:

Social networks are with us to stay. Knowing how to use them – create useful pages and know what is important in them: Facebook it is likes, with Twitter and Instagram it is followers, is what will help you be successful in your social networking and increase your social signals